Stachys annua L. – Czyściec roczny

Stachys annua L. – Czyściec roczny – A kind of plants from the family of lamiaceae, occurring in temperate and warm zones of both hemispheres with the exception of Asia and Australia. Herbaceous plants or half-shrubs. Chunky, double-lipped, collected in quirks. One-year, spring, insect and self-pollinated plant. It’s flowering from June to October. Plant height 13-35 cm. Straight or branched stem. White-yellow crown. Seeds germinate from a depth of no more than 6 cm. Prefers clay and calcareous soils. Spreading with the participation of wind and animals. In Poland, he appears on fields, along roadsides, and places in places. Medicinal plant. Toxic for pets.

Curiostity: This species was noted in Europe in the Bronze Age.