EGISET Database

EGISET – database system for documentation of NCPGR collections was implemented in 2010. It enables an effective care of collected resources. EGISET supports all tasks connected with receiving seed materials for a long-term storage, distribution of ordered seed samples, recording passport data and quality management of stored materials. EGISET, as a web-based application, can be administrated via the internet browser without a need of installing any software on the users’ computers. Ordering mechanism of seed samples is supported by the internet site where passport data search can be used for choosing the desired accessions. EGISET also improves information flow between the National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources and collections’ curators.


Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute

National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources: Polish Genebank

Radzików, 05-870 Blonie, Polska

tel: +48 22 73 34 640 fax: +48 22 73 34 649

Database manager:  Marcin Zaczyński