Lathyrus tuberosus L.- Groszek bulwiasty

Lathyrus tuberosus L.- Groszek bulwiasty – tuberous pea, tuberous vetchling, earthnut pea, aardaker or tine-tare. A kind of herbaceous plants from the legume family (legume), perennial. Seeds dark brown, almost smooth. Freshly picked ones do not germinate. Sprout from a depth of not more than 20cm. It’s flowering from July to August. Feathery leaves. Flowers with a wide scale of colors, a construction typical of butterfly flowers, strongly fragrant. Stem branched, lying or climbing with the help of mustache, 30-120cm high. The plants have 3-6 seeded pot. In crops, it causes lodging of plants. In natural conditions grow dry meadows, sunny hills, loamy fields with crops of root crops, roadside. It is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. Edible roots.